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Free Kids Bible Stories

Free kids Bible stories: online reading children's Bible story, flash Bible stories, interactive Child Bible Stories, animated stories of Biblical Characters, God's Story, mp3 Children Bible Stories for Sunday school, preschool, kindergarten, k-12, Church Children.

Free Flash Bible Stories
27 colorful, high quality, Bible stories with sound. These are high quality Flash files, different to the low-bandwith ones used elsewhere on this website.

The Bible Story
The most complete and accurate set of Bible stories ever written for the family. Easy to read and understand, 411 stories in 10 volumes, 1,200 color illustrations, Stories are true to the Bible.

Bible Stories For Young Readers
Read online stories of Bible Character, Noah, Joseph, Moses, Jericho, David, Daniel.

Free Bible Stories
Download free Bible stories, coloring pages, and other Christian resources to help you and your children understand the Bible.

Child Bible Stories
It offers illustrated Bible Stories for Children. Free printable Children's Bible Story Coloring Pages.

Jesus and Kidz
The World's number One Children's Bible Story site. Old Testament and New Testament. God's Wonderful World, The Story of Noah, The Story of Abraham, The Story of Isaac and Rebekah, The Baby in the Basket, God Calls Moses, God Frees His People, Moses and the Twelve Spies, Brave Queen Ester

Free Bible Stories
Two public domain books of bible stories: The Wonder Book of Bible Stories, edited and arranged by Logan Marshall, and Bible Stories and Religious Classics, by Phillip P. Wells.

The New Animated Look of Biblical Characters
A beautiful collection of computer generated images that illustrate our favorite Bible stories.

God's Story On-line
A unique and accurate illustrated summary of the Holy Bible, focusing on Godís plan of salvation / Text, pictures, video and audio from the popular motion picture Godís Story.

Bible Stories for Kids
A Free Children's Bible Online! Engaging retellings of Bible Stories for Children by Paul Dallgas-Frey on line. Some fun graphics too!

God's Story for Children
Each of these stories contains a retelling of the Bible story, questions to think about (great for introducing the story), a special lesson to remember, a Scripture memory verse, a prayer, where the story can be found in the Bible, and usually activities, crafts, and songs to go along with the story.

Devotions and Stories
Tales for children's story time at church or devotionals at home.

Bible Story Murals
Produced on durable vinyl with high quality archival ink, each Bible Story Mural presents a different classic story from the pages of the Bible.

Children Bible Stories
The Bible stories section is designed to help your children better understand the Bible. Bible stories for children are written in simple language, short and contain colorful illustrations.

The Bible Story
The main characters and events of the Bible in eight pages. A quick introduction of the entire Bible for those who have never read it from cover to cover.

Zacchaeus Bible Story
Telling you about how you can become a Christian just like Zacchaeus did in our adventure today.

Bible for Children
Free Bible Stories to Download. When God Made Everything, The Start of Man's Sadness, Noah and the Great Flood, God's Promise to Abraham, God Tests Abraham's Love, Jacob the Deceiver, A Favorite Son Becomes a Slave, God Honors Joseph the Slave, The Prince From the River.

The Brick Testament
The world's largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible.

Bible Story Page
There are two types of Bible Stories on this page. Both use Microsoft Agent technology to provide an animated narration of Bible stories.

Children's Bible Stories On-line
All of these true Bible stories are adapted from the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible. The Lord Jesus gave us a permanent record of what happened in days gone by so that we can have examples of his power to save us and help us.

Podcast Bible Stories for Children
A selection of the Once Upon a World recordings are being provided for free as a podcast.

Pictures from Old Children's Bible Story Books
Old Bible story books for children contain a wealth of wonderful pictures useful for sermon illustrations, Bible class presentations, and writings.

New Testament Bible Story Bingo
This bingo game is a great way to introduce, study, or learn more about the stories in the New Testament of the Bible. Stories ranging from the time of Jesus' birth to his Ascension are included in this bingo set.


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